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The simple-yet-powerful Kanban boards software that lets you see all the work- in - progress at a glance. Analyze workflows to spot any bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

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Visualize the status of your work by dragging and dropping tasks on a Kanban board from one stage to the next. Your board becomes the single source of truth for real-time project status, complete with due dates and assignees—so you can easily monitor the progress of the task through customizable workflows.
Kanban board
ProofHub’s custom workflows


Create custom workflows to map your team's process from start to finish. Use them to track how tasks progress from initiation to completion and keep everyone up-to-date as work progresses.


Receive all client requests, feedback and issue reports in the form of tasks. Customize fields to capture the most important information for each type of request.

Capture work requests through ProofHub’s forms
ProofHub’s custom fields for adding additional information

Custom fields

Capture additional information about your tasks by adding custom fields. Enhance task attributes by including fields of type – numbers, text boxes, dates, currency and many other options.

Drag & drop

Move tasks quickly through workflows. Drag and drop a task into any status to change the stage of that task, or move it up or down within one of those statuses.

Increase the completion rate /throughput of your tasks by removing bottlenecks and resolving roadblocks.

Move tasks quickly through ProofHub’s drag and drop feature
Filter your tasks by stages, labels, due date easily


With ProofHub’s advanced filtering options, you can easily filter your tasks by stages, labels, due date and more.

Subscribe to stages

With ProofHub, you can create stages to manage workflow of your tasks. Subscribe to these stages and get notified whenever a task moves in or out of these stages.

Subscribe to Stages
Switch from a Kanban board view to a table, Gantt chart or calendar view

Toggle between different views

With ProofHub, it’s easy to switch from a Kanban board view to a table, Gantt chart or calendar view—so everyone can visualize work the way they want.

Create and assign tasks & tasklist easily in ProofHub’s kanban board

Tasks and tasklists

Create and assign tasks to one or more people to ensure a clear distribution of responsibilities in one place.

Create recurring tasks

Recurring tasks

Create recurring tasks with ease and manage them from the calendar. Schedule a task or meeting to recur at any interval.

Break down large tasks into subtasks


Break down large tasks by splitting the overall task into smaller, manageable steps. View status of all subtasks within the main task.

Set clear start and due dates for each task

Start and due date

Set clear start and due dates for each task to provide your team with information about when to begin working on the project.

Assign multiple people to a task in ProofHub

Multiple assignees

Assign multiple people to a task and make sure everyone is aware of what needs to be done.

Create customized labels to categorize and organize your tasks


Create customized labels to categorize and organize your tasks. All tasks in your project can be viewed and filtered to match the selected label.

Easily add tasks to your ProofHub account by email


Easily add tasks to your ProofHub account by email without having to login.

Import tasks in bulk using CSV files in ProofHub

Import tasks

Import tasks in bulk using CSV files in ProofHub to get started quickly.

Export tasklists in CSV format

Export tasks

Export tasklists in CSV format and easily share them with external stakeholders.

Attach creative assets to tasks in ProofHub

Attach files

Attach files, documents and creative assets to tasks from Google drive, Box, Dropbox, Onedrive or your computer.

Review, approve, and share actionable feedback

Proof & approve files

Review, approve, and share actionable feedback on artwork files & documents with your team securely in just a few clicks.

Add comments to tasks

Comments on tasks

Add comments to tasks to ask a question, share updates, provide extra information, or offer insights.

Mention your teammates' on task

Mention on tasks

Bring your teammates' attention to a task or loop them in on a task by simply mentioning them.

Access task history in ProofHub

Task history

Find out who created the tasks, when they were last modified, and who made any changes to them.

Make private tasklists

Private tasklists

Restrict access to certain people on the task list by setting it as private.

Set a daily agenda in ProofHub

Daily agenda

Set a daily agenda and remember important tasks of the day as per your preferences.

Prioritize tasks based on their importance


Prioritize tasks based on their importance by choosing from pre-defined priority levels.

Keep track of task progress in ProofHub

Task progress

Keep track of how much work has been completed and how much remains by looking at the percentage completion for each task.

Set time estimate of tasks in ProofHub

Estimate on tasks

Specify how long a task should take by setting time estimates. Get a clear indication if tasks are taking longer than expected.

track time spent on tasks

Time tracking on tasks

Keep track of time spent on tasks manually or using timers and save these time entries directly in logs.

Set task dependencies in gantt chart


Set task dependencies to mark one task as contingent on another's completion. Know which tasks are ready to start, and which tasks are waiting on others to make prioritizing easier.

Get notifications


Get notifications when someone creates a new project, assigns you to a task, or comments on an issue to stay on top of your work, no matter where you are

Create custom project templates

Project templates

Create custom project templates and add tasks, discussion topics, timesheets, notes and more to make them fit your needs perfectly. Use them to get started on your projects quickly.

One-to-one conversations or group chats to speed up communication


Use one-to-one conversations or group chats to speed up communication with your team and clients. Send direct messages, files, images, and more with people working on projects.


Get a detailed overview of how things are going through various customizable as well as default reports.

Why use ProofHub's Kanban Board software?

All your work, simplified

Custom roles

Custom roles

Create, manage, and assign roles with specific permissions tailored to individual users’ need.

IP restriction

IP restriction

Restrict access to the ProofHub account from only specific IP addresses.

White labeling

White labeling

Get your ProofHub account personalized to your brand’s look and feel with a custom domain, brand logo and theme colour of your choice.

Activity logs

Activity logs

Get a detailed breakdown of all the activities performed within your ProofHub account. Analyze the logs to find out what actions took place, when and where.



Choose to work in the language of your choice with a multilingual interface— English, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and more.

Project manager

Project manager

Set up a project manager for your project. Be notified of any delays that could occur and help team members stay on track.

Jeremy Pinckert
Jeremy Pinckert

After researching and trying out an extensive list of project management softwares, we settled on ProofHub for one main reason: flexibility. In ProofHub we found software that combines a calendar view like Basecamp with tasks that have Trello-like depth in their ability to add details, with the option for both Gantt & Kanban views like Teamwork, and that has a team who is responsive and listens and implements user-suggestions. Oh, and it won’t break your bank. I’d highly recommend ProofHub to other creative businesses like Explore Media!

Explore media
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