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ProofHub is a model agile project management software that helps high-impact teams track sprint planning, create milestones, communicate effectively, address work requests, create a product roadmap, stay on top of deadlines, and ensure high-quality work. ProofHub enables agile teams to augment development speed, expand collaboration, and foster better responses to market trends.

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Agile project management made accessible

Track sprints, follow a product roadmap, ensure holistic task modelling, visualize project deadlines, and communicate cross functionally.
Keep your agile team in the loop

Keep your team in the loop

A high-performing agile team works on the principle of powerful communication and exchange of ideas. ProofHub offers teams the opportunity to create project roadmaps, track progress, visualizing project deadlines, creating workflows, maintaining backlogs, and much more.

Agile project management software for effective agile team communication

Effective communication

Proper communication is of key importance when working with an agile team. ProofHub enables teams to post announcements, comments, and communicate effectively with one another as well as clients and stakeholders.

Plan milestones, task dependencies, goals timeline, and much more with agile project management software

Sprint planning

Sprint planning is a prime feature on which agile teams are modelled and with ProofHub planning sprints becomes easy. ProofHub helps teams plan for milestones, task dependencies, a definite timeline for goals, maintain backlogs, as well as time tracking and projection.

Visually document agile workflow

Divide everyday tasks into stages, incorporate client feedback in iterations, expand collaboration, and deliver quality results.

Visually document agile workflow
Manage high-functioning agile teams with ProofHub. Get started today.

Manage local and distributed agile teams

Choose from a variety of features like multiple task list views, collaborate with outbound team members, address work requests, and keep clients in the loop.

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