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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you grab your phone, go through our Frequently Asked Questions, made to assist you.

How do I register myself on WOODENSTREET?
We’ve kept the merchant registration process hassle-free. All you have to do is click on the online registration form to register yourself as a merchant on WOODENSTREET.COM. No documents are required for registration.There are 3 steps to the registration process: Step 1: You must provide your entity details, i.e., the name of the entity, address (registered office address in case of companies), contact number and GST number. Step 2: Select the category that you are interested in. Also, You’ll need to fill the form to register, providing the contact details of the contact person, like the name and email address and mobile number. Step 3: Read the WOODENSTREET Service Agreement, and if you agree with the terms and conditions of the said agreement, click on SUBMIT to register yourself as a merchant. After completing the above steps, you will be a registered marketplace merchant on All you have to do now is share the list of your key products, which you want to sell through our portal, along with their images, at [email protected]. Our category managers will evaluate these items for consideration. Accordingly, they will get in touch with you to move things forward and have your items listed on our website as soon as possible.For any further queries or assistance, you can write to us at [email protected]
Which documents do I require for registration and KYC procedure?
Do I need a GST number to sell on Wooden Street?
What should I do if I don’t have any landline number?
How can I get orders from customers?
How do I manage the orders?
How can I ship my products to the customers?
Please fill in the following details

Submit the details related to your entity (solo or business) and we’ll get back to you.

Business Details

Categories you Want to Sell In

Personal Details

Marketplace Policy

Review our Marketplace Policy to better understand the operations.

For the purpose of this Marketplace Policy (hereinafter referred to as this "Policy"), wherever the context so requires, "you" and "your" shall relate to any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a merchant / seller on the (the "Website"). The word "Customer" shall mean a buyer who places an order on the Website, and the terms "WOODENSTREET" "we", "us" and "our" shall mean THE WOODENSTREET FURNITURES PVT. LTD, a company incorporated under Companies Act, 1956 with registered office at 102, Luhadia Tower, Ashok Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur - 302001.

We, at WOODENSTREET, give customer satisfaction the highest priority, and expect our merchants to support us in delighting our users and customers. As a merchant, whilst selling on the Website, you are expected to deliver prompt and efficient service to ensure that the customer's experience of shopping on the Website is a delightful one. In addition to the terms and conditions detailed in our E-Commerce Services Agreement, we have the following expectations from you:

1.Order Fulfilment and Timely Shipments
  1. You are expected to process orders received from the customers through the Website in a timely manner and provide the same to the customers within the stipulated timelines (as agreed at the time of your registration as a merchant on the Website, and as displayed on your login page ("Merchant Dashboard"), failing which the order shall be cancelled for non-fulfillment.
  2. Providing a hassle-free shopping experience to the Customer is of utmost priority, and we would like to reiterate that adherence to pre-agreed timelines for shipping of products is of essence to our relationship with you. If the products are not delivered to the customer within the stipulated timelines, the order may be cancelled and we may be required to process a refund of the amount paid by the Customer for the same.
  3. In spite of cancellation of an order due to non-fulfillment of the same, or delay in shipment of the product on your part, we shall be entitled to charge our fee to you in respect of such cancelled order, in consideration for the services provided by us to facilitate such order, and such fee may, at our sole discretion, be adjusted against subsequent remittances, or independently claimed from you.
  4. Any failure to adhere to the timelines for fulfillment of an order or timely shipment of the product ordered by the customer will be considered to be non-performance of your obligations, and repeated non-performance may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your selling privileges on the Website.
  5. In addition to the above, you shall be liable to indemnify us and the other Indemnified Parties (as defined in the E-Commerce Services Agreement) in accordance with the E-Commerce Services Agreement, for any cancellation due to non-fulfillment, or non-fulfillment of an order.
2.Merchant Remittances
  1. Payments for orders that have been fulfilled shall be remitted to your account, post receipt of funds through the payment gateways, as per applicable laws and within the T+3 timeline prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India (wherein “T” shall mean the date on which the product is successfully delivered to the Customer).
  2. Remittances are usually processed twice a week, i.e., on Monday and Thursday of every week. In the event a Monday or Thursday is a bank holiday or any public holiday, the remittances shall be processed on the next working day.
  3. All remittances shall be processed after applying / off-setting all adjustments due from your account. If you have any queries with respect to the amounts being remitted to your account, please contact our Payments Team.
3.Know Your Customer ("KYC") mandate
  1. You will be required to complete the KYC procedure for verification of your identity and of the bank account you provided to us for receiving remittances as outlined above, as required by the bank and as per our internal requirements. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in remittances being frozen, until the required documents are submitted and validated by us.
  2. You may provide any of the following documents for the KYC procedure:
  3. KYC
    • GST number
    • PAN Card;
    • Cancelled cheque with the name of the Company printed on it;
    • Declaration (in case of sole proprietorship).
  4. 3.The documents submitted by you should correspond to, and should validate the details provided by you on the Merchant Dashboard.
4.Item Quality, Customer Complaints, and Refunds
  1. In addition to the covenants and warranties provided by you under the E-Commerce Services Agreement, you should ensure that the items being sold to customers are of high quality and in good working condition, and are not Unsuitable Products. For the purpose of this policy, the term “Unsuitable Product” means a product (a) that is defective, damaged, or lacking required label(s), (b) that does not conform to the standards and the quality control checklist shared by us, or (c) that we determine to be unsuitable and unfit to be sold on the Website.
  2. As per applicable laws, post sales, delivery of goods to the customers and customers satisfaction will be your (seller) responsibility. In the event a customer reaches out to our Customer’s Support Team and informs us that an item has not been received, then our Customer Support Team may require you to furnish the proof of delivery ("PoD") within 5 (five) days of such intimation. As agreed at the time of your registration on the Website, and as per applicable laws, our customers Support Team may assist you with ensuring customer satisfaction and resolving complaints received from Customers, with respect to products sold by you on the Website.
  3. On failing to receive the POD from you within a reasonable time, we will be compelled to record the order as not having been fulfilled, and you will receive a notification on the Merchant Dashboard intimating you of such record. In such an event, the customers will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid by him/her for the relevant product. You hereby agree to cooperate with us in order to resolve, to the customer's satisfaction, all cases of items that may have been shipped but not received.
  4. You agree to accept all products that are sold by you on the Website and shipped, that may not have been delivered successfully to the customer, and are returned to you by your delivery partners. In such an event, the Customer will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid by him/her for the relevant product.
  5. Repeated complaints from customers with regard to the same product or type of product may result in discontinuation of the listing of that particular product or type of product from the Website, and disciplinary action against you, including temporary or permanent suspension of your selling privileges on the Website.
  6. If the customer initiates a refund, you will be expected to arrange to have the relevant product picked up from the customer’s premises. We do not guarantee the return of such products, and further disclaim all responsibilities and liabilities for any product that has not been returned by the customer. However, this shall not prevent you from independently pursuing a return claim against the customer.
  7. In the event the customers are provided with refunds for products purchased from you, we shall, at our sole discretion, be entitled to set off the amounts payable to us (including our commission/remittance charge) against subsequent remittances to you, or independently claim the same from you.
  8. As per applicable laws, you will be solely responsible for any warranties or guarantees for the products being sold by you on the Website.
Merchant Returns and Debit
  1. In the event of cancellations by the Customer prior to the product being delivered to customer:
  3. In the event of cancellations by the Customer post the product having been delivered:
  5. All cancelled products will be required to be picked up from the customer’s premises within 7 (seven) days of notification of the cancellation on the Merchant Dashboard.
Terms of Packaging
  1. We may provide packaging materials containing logos, words, trademarks, and other intellectual property owned by us, to you, so that the order items can be packaged and shipped to the customer in a consistent manner.
  2. Nothing contained in this policy or in any other agreement entered by you with us shall deem to grant any rights to you, in any intellectual property owned by us. You hereby agree to use the packaging material that may be provided by us (if any), in order to pack and ship the items ordered by a customer through our Website. It is hereby clarified that you shall not use the WOODENSTREET packaging material on any products that are not being sold on the Website.
  3. All terms relating to intellectual property, as detailed in our E-Commerce Services Agreement, shall apply to you as if reproduced herein.
  4. In the event your Direct Shipment privilege is revoked, or terminated, you shall return all remaining, unused packaging material to us, or destroy all remaining stock of packaging material, to the satisfaction of WOODENSTREET.
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