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Modular Kitchen

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A modular kitchen design is a style statement and a product of modern interior designing concept. With kitchen being one of the most used part of the home, everyone deserves a glamorous modular kitchen design with price that is affordable. A modular kitchen is made up of multiple modules or individual parts that are organized together to create a completely functional kitchen. In modern times, these modular kitchen designs in India have also started becoming very popular because of its functionality and style the appliances, sleek and smooth finishes along with the customized storage options for simple and small modular kitchen design (किचन की डिजाइन). Hence, We at Wooden Street, have come up with modern modular kitchen designs catalogue 2023 that will help people optimize their own and get themselves a glamorous treat. We cater fully customized any shape modular kitchen design with price, be it L-shaped kitchen, Open or U shape kitchen. From uber-glam counter-tops to classic backsplashes to whimsical lighting, we’ve got all the kitchen revamping inspiration you could ever need.

Modular Kitchen Designs from WoodenStreet

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Know About the Materials We Use for Kitchen Design

Explore different types of premium quality materials that define durability and last long.


To give your kitchen design finesse look

modern kitchen interior and decor


Durable and resistant to wear and tear and immune to stains, spills & scuffs.
modular kitchen design for small kitchen


Prone to scratching and durable, Acrylics are Non-toxic and offer a high-gloss finish.
modular kitchen interior design - latest home kitchen designs


Hard-wearing and highly resistant, PU is considered a scratch-resistant and durable option.
u shaped & L shaped modular kitchen designs photos


Impervious to water, borers and termites, PVC offers a fine finish and proves to be economical.
modern kitchen interior and decor


Durable and resistant to wear and tear and immune to stains, spills & scuffs.

For Your Convenience & Comfort

Modular kitchen Price india for  Edge Profile

Edge Profile

It offers a seamless look and gives the illusion of being handle-less.
Modular kitchen for small space


They offer the seamless look and are attached to the carcass cabinets instead of doors.
kitchen modular design accessories price


Sturdy knobs are available in different shapes that are easy to handle.
Best Modular kitchen Accessories and cabinets in India Regular Handles

Regular Handles

These come in classy designs and offer less maintenance and convenience.
Countertops and Backsplashes For Modular Kitchen

Know About the Different Varieties of these Essentials in Kitchen Design

modern kitchen interior design for small space


Offers low-maintenance and long-lastingness which ensures its high usage.
low cost modular kitchen price list india


Highly-useful natural materials. Has the hardness of seven on the Mohs Scale which makes it very durable.
open kitchen furniture design india


Man-made material. Frequently used for seamless countertop installations.
Components For Perfect

Modular Kitchen

Get familiar with the components used in Modular kitchen designs and what major role they play

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does modular kitchen include?

    A modular kitchen design includes gas unit, tail unit, lofts, cabinets, hobs, chimney, sink, faucet and appliances. Other complementary things like tiles for backsplashes, countertops and finish are also a part of modular kitchen.

  • Which type of material is best for modular kitchen?

    Engineered Wood and Plywood is the most preferred material for modular kitchen. It is solid, affordable, durable and light in weight as well. You can find these modern kitchen designs manufactured from best material on Wooden Street..

  • How much does a good modular kitchen cost in India?

    Modular kitchen can cost from 1.5 lac to 5.5 lacs or more depending upon the primary material, brand, requirement, finish and accessories. .

  • How do you build a modular kitchen for small space?

    Best suited layout of modular kitchen for small space is L-shaped and U-shaped. These designs are efficient and provide maximum support. The penalty of two corners is countered by additional cabinet space on the end wall. Open corner shelves and wall mounted plate-racks work best for small space.

  • How do I choose a good modular kitchen design?

    A good modular kitchen includes everything from ventilation to presentation. Below are various things to consider for designing a good modular kitchen design

    • 1.. Plan the layout
    • 2.. List out the requirements
    • 3.. Look out for proper lightening and ventilation source
    • 4.. Choose colors wisely
  • What are the benefits of modular kitchen?

    The benefits of a modular kitchen are as follows:.

    1. . It adds a classic style to your home.
    2. . It keeps the space much organized and uncluttered.
    3. . It offers clean and hygienic environment.
    4. . It is easy to clean and maintain a modular kitchen.

    Modular kitchen Design at Wooden street - One-Stop for Dream Kitchen

    Kitchen design, with its incredible innovation, has become part of our lives. Whether it is an office or kitchen, modernity is what each section demands. With innovation and creativity, modern kitchen furniture design welcomes latest ideas with respect to kitchen interior, placements and the appliances. Intelligible counter tops, alluring colors, clean lines, complementary design features along with basic shapes give way to what we call modular kitchen design.

    At Wooden Street, we design beautiful modular kitchens that fit your needs and desires. We have a modern kitchen design facility that can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. All you need to do is take a little time to fill out our consultation form and we'll get started on making your dream kitchen a reality..

    What is Modular Kitchen & What it Include?

    Modular Kitchen Design is a contemporary design with elegant functionality forms the base of a modern kitchen. It is manufactured in the factory and assembled at the location of installation. We believe that ‘The way to one’s heart passes through stomach’ and the bribes for happy stomach are cooked in the kitchen. So, we intend to create a divine modular kitchen experience for our customers. A modular kitchen design is gaining popularity because of its style, functionality and practicality. This kitchen interior design comprises of chimneys, modular kitchen cabinets, faucets and many other kitchen appliances accessories. Modular kitchens are designed to maximize utility and manage space, big or small, efficiently.

    All the challenges of a traditional simple kitchen designs have been overcome by a modular kitchen. The best part of this kitchen is that it is easy to repair and maintain. Our technicality and customization along with other modern kitchen design services lets you add build-in appliances and gadgets like microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, wine cooler, etc. We put first our clients need and meeting our client’s expectations is our top most priority.

    Choose From Latest Modular kitchen design Catalogue 2023

    With wooden street, you will find the perfect match and latest modular kitchen design Ideas. The kitchen is the heart of every home as it provides nourishment thus designing it with all the basic appliances and necessities is a must. Our range of products accommodates both small and large kitchen. We have the latest kitchen furniture designs that would suit the aesthetics of your interiors and match the budget.

    We offer straight modern kitchen design to have an organised and spacious look. Parallel kitchen furniture design if you want extra space to keep all your modular kitchen accessories and appliances. L-shaped kitchen design to cover up your corner space. U-shaped kitchen design if you have an open living plan and want a platform that can also be used as a dining table and island kitchen designs if you have ample space for your kitchen. All these setups have their benefits and provide a kitchen decor to the house with their style and shape.

    Modern Kitchen design (किचन की डिजाइन) to enhance your kitchen interior

    Designing a modular kitchen with all the latest kitchen appliances and modular kitchen accessories is something that we cannot do every day. The setting of it requires more thought and efforts than decorating other rooms of the house. Thus to give you an organized space with all the latest kitchen design facilities we have brought you with plenty of options that would complete the desired look. We offer base units that will help you to accommodate the modular kitchen accessories and utensils. 

    Wooden Street offers you with the complete arrangement for your open modular kitchen design or small kitchen furniture design where you can shop for each and everything that would give it an ultimate look. You can select from the plethora of options of acrylic, laminates, glass shutters for the storage solutions. You can choose the countertops in different colours in quartz and granite with beautiful and compact stove designs and chimney sets and much more.

    Why is Modular Kitchen Becoming Popular?

    Here are a few reasons why modular kitchen designs serves as a perfect addition in every home.

    1. Best Use of Available Space - This is the big plus of modular kitchen design in modern apartments where space is at a premium. As the modular kitchen models maximize the functionality and optimize every inch of the area in an effective way. Whether you have a small kitchen design or open, modular kitchen models allow you to exact design that suits your requirements and accelerates the efficiency in the kitchen.
    2. Excellent Durable - The modular kitchen furniture design is made out of waterproof and heatproof materials that are not easily affected by temperature and environments in the kitchen. Also, it is highly resistant to spillage. Hence, it is designed in such a way to withstand every condition. Thus, making modular kitchen design a durable investment.
    3. Aesthetically Appealing - When we talk of modular kitchen designs catalogue, it provides freedom of choice based on styles, sizes, shapes, textures and patterns to choose from. From U-shaped kitchen design to straight kitchen design, and from single color to printed patterns, there are many latest kitchen designs available to match with the rest of your home. Thus, you can achieve the aesthetically pleasing interiors of Kitchen with ease.
    4. Easy Maintenance and Repair - The modular kitchen is crafted by superior materials that require low maintenance and repair. Adding to this, it is designed in such a way that every tiny drawer or trolley is accessible easily for cleaning. Also, the kitchen furniture design is collapsible and easy to remove for cleaning or repair.
    5. Cost-Effective Kitchen Design - These are produced in mass, so it is fairly economical when it comes to the installation part. Moreover, you can find varied modular kitchen designs photos that work on your budget. So, choose that well suited your theme of the kitchen, style and pocket.
    6. High Scope of Customization - One of the biggest perks of choosing a modular kitchen design for modern homes is the easy customization feature. A modern kitchen design will turn your kitchen dream into actuality. From a separate area designated to keep your masalas, oils etc to keep your crockery, this allows creating a kitchen that specifies your needs.

    Tips to Consider During Installation of Modular Kitchen Furniture

    1. Classy long-lasting Material for Modular kitchen - Invest in engineered wood or plywood as it is both affordable and durable. Choose a stylish finish and backsplash to add a classy look in your workspace. It is advised to invest in low-maintenance and BWP material for a bump-free journey.
    2. Smart Layout with Optimized Storage - Decide the modular kitchens layout wisely according to the available space and utility. Our customization service builds kitchen furniture for all types and we help you to plan out a layout to meet all your requirements on a budget.
    3. Golden Rule Modular kitchen - Implement the concept of the golden triangle. According to this concept, the three primary work areas, cooktop, sink and refrigerator should form a triangle.
    4. Proper Ventilation & Natural Light - Make sure it has sufficient ventilation to vent out the frying fumes. Chimneys and exhaust are added for the same purpose.
    5. Safety Measures - Skid-proof tiles, curved edges, slip-resistance flooring and safe gas piping are important things to consider while working in a kitchen to avoid any unwanted risks.

    Different Types of Modular Kitchen Designs Based on Layout

    Small kitchen design

    The galley kitchen, which often termed as corridor style is one of the most popular layouts for small kitchen design. In this type of modular kitchen design, storage is reserved for upper and lower cabinets, while leave enough counter space for cooking purposes.

    Straight Modular Kitchen

    Simple kitchen design offers an efficient and comfortable workspace that looks good and comfortable to cook in. This easy simple kitchen design only involves one wall. It comprises cabinets on the upper and lower side of the working space where you could cut vegetables and cook. .

    Parallel Kitchen Designs

    This Modern kitchen design requires two walls. It includes cabinets, an oven, and other essential kitchen appliances. Some people are in the habit of working by dividing the space into two parts and then using the split space for specific tasks. This way, everything remains organized, and the kitchen would be much cleaner. You could treat each side as a straight modular kitchen or both sides as one functioning unit. 

    L Shaped kitchen design

    The L-shaped modular kitchen design ideas are the most common kitchen layout in homes, where the kitchen is placed at a corner where two walls form a right angle, with one wall twice the length of the other. This type of simple modern kitchen design works well in small and medium sized spaces.

    U Shape Modular Kitchen

    U-shaped kitchen design comprises of workspace on three adjoining walls of cabinetry, with an open end for easy access. The three walls in this are lined with cabinets and appliances. Its u-shape modern kitchen design makes it easy for everyone to make use of various areas of the kitchen.

    Types of Materials and Finishes Used for Modular kitchen

    Modular kitchen is made from highly engineered materials, allowing interior designers to create unique and durable pieces. The most popular materials for modular kitchens are engineered wood and plywood. They’re robust, inexpensive, long-lasting, and lightweight. Check out the different types of finishes used for modular furniture for kitchen at Wooden Street –

    Laminate High Gloss:

    Glossy laminates are sleek and shiny, with super-smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. Our high gloss laminates are stain, scuff, impact, and heat resistant. These characteristics make them ideal for modular kitchen designs surfaces

    The three material options available in this range are: Ply, MDF, HDHM

    Acrylic High Gloss:

    Acrylic sheeting with a high gloss finish is homogenous, frictionless, and has the best strength-to-weight ratio of any metal plate. They resist tarnishing and fading due to their strong UV resistance and are extremely long-lasting. The Acrylic high gloss coating protects the furniture against moisture, scratches, dust, water, UV rays, and weathering.

    The two back material options available in this unit are: - MDF , HDHMR

    PU Paint High Gloss

    PU Paint High Gloss is very popular among interior designers and architectures. It is one of the most expensive types of wood treatment, and it gives hardwood and metallic surfaces a smooth, opulent feel. Heat resistance, hardness, subsurface clarity, and damage tolerance are all advantages of PU paint. When everyone wants to give their modular kitchen a nice polish and prevent it from scratches and stains, one of the greatest solutions for it is PU paint high gloss. 

    The two material options available in this material used for modular kitchen designs are: MDF, HDHMR

    PVC Laminate High Gloss

    The high-gloss PVC laminates may dramatically transform the look and feel of any area. Any modular kitchen unit may benefit from decorative laminates. These laminates might increase the natural visual appeal. They're made to blend in effortlessly with your home's decor. An adaptable anti-scratch layer protects our high gloss PVC laminate sheet from scratches. This feature makes it excellent for adding style to or extending the life of countertops, shelves, etc. It is available in three material options: Ply, MDF, HDHMR

    Pre-lam Particle Board

    Pre-lam is laminated on both surfaces. To ensure a long and healthy life for your furniture and cabinets, use a laminated board. This will also help to keep them looking good. It is simple to maintain, inexpensive, and weatherproof. The exclusive back finish option available in this range is particle board. Prelam particle board is an exotic accent to the furnishings, giving your kitchen a natural and magnificent appearance.

    Get Best Modular Kitchen Interior Services in Bangalore, Jaipur & Gurgaon

    Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

    Though we have a presence across India, specifically in Bangalore, we have six experience furniture stores. From there, you could avail kitchen interior services and see various kitchen designs in person. If you visit our offline stores, you could directly feel what it is like to be in WoodenStreet, which is a brand in itself.

    Modular Kitchen in Jaipur

    The capital city of the beautiful state of Rajasthan, where the desert has its own enchantments, we have our store located in Jaipur as well. You could actually witness these latest modular kitchen designs catalogue from straight to L-shape by moving your fingers over them. The sort of functionality and appliances attached with the type could be checked here in your own city Jaipur. In this city, we have three stores at different locations.

    Modular Kitchen Services in Gurgaon

    In Gurgaon, we have one store located on Golf Course Road. Our caring and dedicated staff are awaiting your visit. Once you step into the store, leave all your worries at the door as our personnel would help you at every point- be it range-related or customization-related worries. To have a deep understanding of the modular kitchen designs, you could ask for their assistance and check on the appliances you want your new modular kitchen design to have.

    Reasons to Buy Modular kitchen in India from Wooden street

    1. Wide Range: Wooden Street believes that people are looking for modular kitchen design that will stay in good condition for a long time. So, to fulfil this, we offer a wide range of kitchen cabinets made from high-quality material. Also, we provide a 2D and 3D view of your customised kitchen design to give you a perfect view of your kitchen. Each kitchen unit is handled with absolute care and detailing by our expert team of designers and artisans who are there to consult you at every step.
    2. Customization: Does the thought of customising your kitchen with limited space is haunting you? Then do not worry because Wooden Street can do it in few hours. Fill up the form and book your consultation, so that we can design your dream kitchen. A comprehensive list of modular kitchen designs price list and material, units, and kitchen accessories options are available on the website to help you finalize the perfect one.
    3. Ergonomic Designs with Long Lasting Durability: With increasing comfort and luxury, we tend to live and work in the same luxurious environment. When everything is changing so quickly, why stay adhered to the same old kitchen? Wooden Street is there to transform your kitchen from old-school to a complete modular one.
    4. Thousands of Satisfied Customers: Wooden Street has transformed various kitchens from drab to fab with 100% customer satisfaction. Over the past few years, Wooden Street has become the leading store in providing customized modular kitchen to their customers with 75+ design stores across India. From designing, and manufacturing, to execution, everything is done by our expert designer’s team. All you have to do is give a thumbs up and sit back until everything is installed in your home sweet home.
      Customer Stories
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      small modular kitchen price in india
      I am very happy with my new modular kitchen! Everything is perfect; the cabinets are so spacious, and the pull-out drawers along with the installation and the quality of materials used, are also top-notch.

      Shikha Mehta Delhi

      l shape kitchen design ideas
      We chose an L-shaped kitchen design, to make the most of our small kitchen space. Their team took all our preferences into consideration and created this layout that maximized our space and functionality. Thanks, Wooden Street!

      Sanjay Shrivastav Bangalore

      modular kitchen design
      Extremely satisfied with the work quality delivered by them. According to me they are providing the best modular kitchens in Noida.

      Mr. Alok Noida

      parallel kitchen design
      My wife and I connected with Wooden Street to completely renovate the design of our kitchen in parallel form. One of the things that impressed us about this online furniture store is their ability to understand our budget criteria and find innovative ideas to get us within it. We were blown away with the quality of service Wooden Street provided. Thanks a ton!!

      Aditya Vyas Pune

      Affordable modular kitchen price in Jaipur
      It was my first time buying here and the people were so helpful and amazing at their work. I was also able to customize as per my liking. Since I wanted extra storage in my kitchen, they suggested that I should be buying the U-shaped modular Kitchen and I also got extra plucks as requested. The modular kitchen designs and the decor, the rates and the quality, and their helpfulness and speed are all excellent.

      Devender Hanumangarh

      best designer modular kitchen in jaipur
      Excellent Work by Wooden street jaipur team! Highly impressed with the professionalism and the modular kitchen services provided by them. And most importantly all this was done in mentioned time frame.

      Abhishek Jaipur

      U-shaped kitchen design
      Wooden Street suggested me this modular kitchen design for small kitchen that was far better than I could have expected. Now, my kitchen laid out functionality more easily and it's looking beautiful. The customer support team was friendly and polite. Thank so much for a wonderful design!

      Lekhraj saini Mansarovar

      Modular Kitchen Design for small kitchen
      Wooden Street has made my kitchen more well-organized, sleek and aesthetically pleasing with the Island design. I wanted some additional facilities and I thought were out of my budget. But, this store fulfils my all desires and needs at a reasonable price. I am so happy with the new kitchen design. Thank You!!

      Arushi Agarwal New Delhi

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