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What are the Different Types of Mattress?

A good night's sleep is essential for good health. And, the mattress you use has a great impact on it. From waking up fresh to provide the right support to your body, mattress plays an important role. So, we here bring you the best mattress buying guide to choose the right mattress that will best suit your needs. These have body contour support and layer that aligns the spine for a sound sleep. If you are facing back issues every time you wake up, then it's the time to get the right mattress for yourself. What is the first thing that you seek for when you step into the bedroom? A bed having comfortable mattress. We bring you a vivid range of mattresses for your comfort. Whether you are looking for a single mattress or double one, our wide range is there to fulfill every need at its best. Designed with keeping in mind a person’s sound sleep and comfort, our mattress will surely offer all these at best. Equipped with different layers inside, these are made to provide optimum support and comfort to your body. The type of mattress you sleep on brings a huge difference to your sleep and overall health. After a long day’s work, you indeed deserve a peaceful sleep. And, with the comfortable mattresses, all this is possible. A right balance of durability and comfort can be achieved through our mattresses. To best fit your requirements, we have got filters as per the material, thickness, size, and dimensions. From stomach sleepers to back sleepers, no matter how you sleep, our mattress will adapt your sleeping position as per your body. So, its time to say goodbye to your old hard mattress, and say hello to the new and comfortable one through WoodenStreet’s mattress

What are the Different Sizes of Mattress?

We bring you a varied option in terms of the mattress buying guide with size to suit every person’s requirements. Have a look:

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What Do Our Mattress Offer to You?
How Do I Care for My Mattress?
Rotate Your Mattress Time to Time:

It is recommended to turn your mattress once in a month. To turn the mattress, follow the process of rotating it from head to foot and then flip it over.

High-Quality Cover:

It is advisable to choose the high quality, washable mattress to keep your mattress free from any dirt and stains.

Use Mild Soap or Detergent:

To clean the stains on your mattress, use the mild soap or clean it with a cotton cloth dampened with cold water. Do not use hard chemical removers, as it may degrade the mattress fabric.

Do No Jump:

Avoid Jumping on your mattress as doing this damage the foam from inside.

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